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About Bulgaria Print E-mail
Centrally located in Eastern Europe, with a beautiful coastline along the Black Sea rising to spectacular mountains ranges, Forest and historical cities, Bulgaria is certainly a varied country.
Eating and drinking is fantastic quality and exceptionally cheap with a pint of lager costing about 40p and a three-course meal, with wine, often costing no more than 5 EUR a head.
"Bulgaria is truly Europe’s best kept secret”

Mountain Resorts

The spectacular mountain ranges harbour some of Europe’s finest scenery with the rugged snow-capped peaks and soft green slopes home to a burgeoning tourist industry, where skiers and snow boarders can experience the thrills of the "white sport" in winter in quality ski resorts.
Hikers, climbers and cavers can enjoy the amazing lush scenery the mountains have to offer in the summer as well as small nearby picturesque villages with living traditions and folklore, unspoiled by modern civilization.
With many outdoor activities in both winter and summer this makes the mountains a fantastic all year round destination for investment opportunities. The climate in summer is warm with temperatures rising to the mid 20’s and higher on most days and cool evenings, low humidity and no mosquitoes.

The Black Sea

The Black Sea coastal stretch faces east and extends over 378 km, its seawater clean and not tidal and its vast beaches covered with fine golden sand. The majority of Bulgaria beaches have been awarded the EU Blue Flag for their environmental excellence.
Air temperatures in the summer vary between 23 °C and 30°C and sea temperatures vary between 17°C and 25°C, warmer than the Mediterranean. There are more than 240 hours of sunshine in May and September, and more than 300 in July and August.

Beautiful Rural areas

In addition to the already well knows coastal and mountain resorts there are beautiful rural areas of Bulgaria now with the opportunity to invest and develop in. These offer some of the most stunning Lakes which are relatively undiscovered to the current foreign market.



With Bulgaria now part of the EU as of Jan 2007, the capital city of Sofia and the second capital Plovdiv, are fast becoming home to many International companies. This will bring the increased demand for commercial development and add to the fast growing established retail outlets.

Listed below are some of the market leaders and International investors already established in Bulgaria.

HEWLETT PACKARD opened its main office in Sofia in 1998 and in June 1999 decided to transform its operations in the country into a fully functional subsidiary. Today, HP is one of the leading IT companies in Bulgaria. In 2003, HP opened a Government Solution Centre in Sofia with the aim of further expanding HP capabilities and expertise in developing and implementing IT infrastructure solutions for the public sector. The decision to develop its Bulgarian operations reflects HP's commitment to the Bulgarian market. It aims to support the development of the national IT infrastructure in Bulgaria with technology solutions, know how, project management and financing.

AMERICAN STANDARD: largest European sanitary houseware production facility

NOKIA: mobile telephone systems

DANONE: milk products

UNICREDITO ITALIANO GROUP: successful privatisation of the Bulgarian foreign Trade Bank

SHELL & SHELL GAS: over 90 filling stations across the country and suppliers of LPG for domestic purposes

CABLE & WIRELESS: investors in Bulgaria’ first mobile telecommunications network and installed a nationwide public payphone system.

MARKS & SPENCERS Now in the newly opened “City Center Sofia” shopping mall

Key Facts and Figures

  • Only 3 hours away from most UK airports.
  • Currency fixed against the Euro
  • Economy expanding rapidly
  • Property prices now rising
  • Property prices among the lowest in Europe
  • Established and fast growing tourist industry

Getting There

Direct international flights from the UK (3 hrs) are available to the capital Sofia all year round from Heathrow with British Airways www.ba.com and from Gatwick with Bulgarian Air www.air.bg/en For booking details and latest timetable click here. During the winter months Plovdiv airport (only 1 ½ hours) services the resort of Pamporovo with charter flights arriving from mid December through to April form may major UK/Irish airports.

Most other major European carriers fly indirectly.
There are a number of regional airports, most notably Varna and Bourgas on the Black Sea coast where there are daily connections from Sofia all year round and can be booked on line at www.hemusair.bg.
Direct charter flights to the Black Sea (Varna or Bourgas) from nineteen UK airports are available during the high season spring and summer months and less than 3.5 hrs away.

Low Cost airline opportunity

From June 2004, direct flights began to Varna in season with Hungarian airline www.malev.com. and Whizz air now fly into Sofia from Luton airport.
Currently an 'open skies' agreement is needed to allow budget airlines to service the Black Sea coast directly. Due to the privatisation of Bulgaria's national carrier Balkan Air, this will not be adopted until just before EU membership.
For the above reasons we expect budget airlines to start servicing the Black Sea coast and central regions from mid-2007 or 2008.