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Belashtica Print E-mail
Belashtitsa find itself in the central part of the country - just 8km. away from Plovdiv (second largest city in Bulgaria) on the road to park “Rodopi” (“Zdravetz”). The village lay in the Thracian valley just at the food of the Rodopi Mountains providing the relaxing atmosphere of the fresh air and beautiful nature with the conveniences of the nearby city. Typical for the village is the mild climate, at the summer the temperatures are with 7-8 degrees lower than the city. This area is developing exceptionally well at the last few years and it is of ever growing interest not only for private homes and residential houses, but as well for the foreign investors in real estates.
With its tranquil setting, Belashtica is already popular with the affluent residence of Plovdiv. It offers a superb investment opportunity due to its location. 10 minutes to Plovdiv airport, panoramic views over the city lights with primary road links for fast highway connections. Belashtica is now on the radar of the companies relocating to Plovdiv looking for exclusive style living.
Located only 3km away from the Plovdiv ring-road, offering all kind of communications required by the modern every day living, Belashtitsa provide perspective opportunities for investing in luxury properties suitable for highly modern requirements.
Way is worthy to invest in property in Bulgaria? After the accepting of Bulgaria in EU from the beginning of 2007 is a fact, the reflection on the prices of the properties of the growth of the economy and developing the infrastructure is no longer just a forecast. Simultaneously with the raising interests of luxury homes and closed residential complexes it raises the interests of the investors in this area. Belashtitsa keeps the investors interest with low entry levels, great rental opportunities (growing year on year) and an extremely welcoming culture, which attracts more and more people to buy here. The region fit the buyer’s requirements for investment and beauty alike whether it is residential or commercial, holiday home or investment.
Under consideration is the idea of detaching the southern area behind the ring-road, as modern suburbs. The concept is to connect the existing villages Belashtica and Markovo in residential zone, with luxury housing complexes, private properties, parks, gardens and already is started the incorporating the foreign and local executors for the project. The readings show almost 60% price raise for building plots in the region, from last year and the tendency is holding. It’s remaining also the tendencies of raising interests to tourist branch in the country. Only for the first 8 months of 2007 is reported growth of the tourist visits with 8,8% in compare with the same period of last year. That makes the present moment favourable for purchasing a property in Bulgaria. The opportunity for recovering the investments and realizing a profit in case of reselling or renting the property is preserve high. At the present state of the market and the prices, the opportunities for making an investment with good returns and realizing a profit is a serious and in different cases the profit may vary up to over 50%.
With detaching of a new residential space of a kind like that there is always emerge new requirements to the neighboring community. That itself afford new opportunities for investing in a variety of projects unlimited in some specific fields.
Besides the tranquility, runaway of the city noise and traffic, the cousin home in Belashtica offers also a rich choice of activities for the free time. Different tourist destinations attract your attention. Not far away is located the second biggest monastery in Bulgaria – Bachkovo monastery, the Fortress of king Asen, only 30km away is located the well known with its mineral springs resort “Narechenski bani”, and on the same road only 80 km. away is famous ski resort “Pamporovo”. Surrounded from pine forests and lots of glades the region of Belashtica offers also possibilities for the admirers of hunting and fishing. On the southwest in the mountain is situated park “Rodopi” suitable for skiing in the winter and hiking and picnics in the summer. For the favourable climate evidence the fact so many prefer Belashtica, among them the Bulgarian poet Pencho Slavejkov ho treated a lung illness here.
Another landmark of the area is St. George’s Monastery. It is situated one kilometer southeast of the village of Belashtitsa, and some 8 km south of Plovdiv. The monastery was founded in 11th century (in the year 1020) by the Byzantine army-leader Nikifore Xifius (who played a key role in the capture of the Tsar Samuil’s soldiers near the village of Klyuch). At the moment it is a functioning nun monastery, and is declared a Monument of Culture. The monastery is a complex consisting of a church, civil and agricultural buildings and a chapel.
Next to the monastery, in the “Chinarite” area grows the tree having the largest trunk in Bulgaria – a sycamore, with a trunk roundabout measurement of 15 meters.
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