Purchasing Land or freehold property in Bulgaria
To purchase either land or a freehold property on land in Bulgaria you have to register a company to buy this.

The process is simple and takes approximately 1 month.

First you must contact a Bulgarian lawyer and they will draw up the relevant paperwork this must be translated into English for you and explained in full by a qualified translator.

The courts will require you to have opened a Bulgarian Bank account and you must deposit a minimum of 5000 leva, approximately £1700. This is to show you have the capital funds to start a company.

The paper work will be submitted to the Bulgarian Courts and the cost for this process is again approximately 600 Euros (£400).

There may be certain times during this month duration that a signature is required or documents to be reviewed. If it is not possible for you to be in Bulgaria during this time then it is suggested you give power or attorney to your lawyer.